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yabo登录-Although Apples current-gen versions of its signature iPhone line -- the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus -- continue to rack up sales to the tune of nearly 140 million units over the past two fiscal quarters, that doesnt mean that Apples not working on improving the product.虽然苹果公司手机线上当前的产品——iPhone6和iPhone 6 Plus在过去的两个会计学季度里销量持续增长达近140万台之多,但这并不意味著苹果公司会之后改良其产品。According to a report from Bloomberg, Apples already started working on the next version of its iPhone, going into volume production next month.据彭博社报导,苹果早已开始著手其iPhone系列的下一个产品,预计下个月展开批量生产。And while were all unsure of the name, the conventional naming nomenclature for phones has been to follow a number change (i.e., going from the iPhone 5s to iPhone 6) with a letter change (i.e. the upgrade from the iPhone 5 to the iPhone 5s), leading me to think the models will be named the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.虽然我们还无法确认此产品的名字,但是传统的手机命名是按照数字的变化(例如,从iPhone5S到iPhone6)与字母变化(例如,从iPhone5升级到iPhone5S)来沿袭的,所以我实在这款产品将被命名为iPhone6S和iPhone6S+。


Again, we dont know what Apple will name the new unit, but its certainly starting to sound like this will be a letter upgrade more so than a number change. Generally, a number change represents a rather major overhaul, while an off-year letter change generally provides a processor upgrade and user experience upgrade. And Bloomberg confirms what others have been reporting for months: Apples next iPhone user experience upgrade appears to be Force Touch technology, which can tell how much force a user is exerting on the screen.再者,我们不告诉苹果将如何命名新的产品,但它认同听得上去不会更加看起来一个字母的升级,而非是数字的变化。一般来说来说,数字的变化代表的是根本性的改革,而字母变化一般来说获取的是处理器的升级和用户体验的升级。彭博社也证实了别家报导了几个月的涉及内容:苹果的下一代iPhone用户体验的升级或许用的是感应力道触控(Force Touch)技术,它可以感应器用户触屏时用于的力度。

Furthermore, Bloomberg notes that final assembly is expected to be smooth, as the next phone will be very similar to the current-gen unit. Thats dissimilar to big difyabo登录ferences, mainly in form factor, between the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 6 or between the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5. In fact, if Bloombergs reporting is correct, Apple fans may have to bidadieu to smaller-sized iPhones as the iPhone 6 clocks in at 4.7 inches while the iPhone 6 Plus measures 5.5 inches.此外,彭博社认为,最后的装配预计不会很成功,因为下一款手机将十分类似于目前的产品。这与产品有相当大差异时有所不同,那些差异主要是外形差异,像iPhone 5S和iPhone 6之间以及iPhone 4S和iPhone 5之间。

事实上,如果彭博社的报导是准确的,果粉们有可能要道别更加小尺寸的iPhone,因为iPhone6为4.7英寸,而iPhone6+为5.5英寸。On the other hand, there are people who prefer a smaller screen. Any time you limit an option, youre taking away consumer choice. If Apple chooses not to release a 4-inch model, its probably because demand isnt strong enough to justify its continuation, though. In premium smartphones, it seems a 4-inch option is a thing of the past.另一方面,有人更喜欢小一点的屏幕。