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【yabo登录】Chinas leading bicycle-sharing service provider Mobike Technology has secured more than $300m in the latest round of funding since January this year, the companys CEO Wang Xiaofeng said.国内领先的共享单车服务提供商摩拜科技有限公司的首席执行官王晓峰日前回应,自今年1月以来,该公司在近期一轮融资中已筹措到多达3亿美元的资金。Mobike received equity investment from Singapores Temasek and add-on investment from Hillhouse Capital, which led Mobikes last round of funding.摩拜取得了新加坡公司淡马锡的股权投资,以及领有转摩拜上一轮融资的低瓴资本的新增投资。Wang said Mobike will use the money to explore the global market by duplicating its business model elsewhere. The company will also spend more on research and development, manufacturing and recruitment.王晓峰称之为,摩拜将把这些资金用作拓展国际市场,将摩拜的商业模式读取其他地方。

摩拜还将增大在研发、生产和人才召募方面的投放。Mobike and its market rival ofo revolutionized Chinas commuting market after they began app-based bicycle sharing services.自摩拜以及它的市场竞争对手ofo打开了基于app的共享单车服务之后,这两家公司变革了中国的通勤市场。Wang said Mobike bicycles are now available in 21 cities. A total of 200m rides have been recorded since the company launched its first service in Shanghai about 10 months ago.据王晓峰讲解,摩拜单车现覆盖面积21个城市。



大约10个月前,摩拜年所在上海发售服务,目前为止总计自行车量多达2亿人次。The number of Mobikes active users was estimated around 5.85m, according to a survey by independent market research firm iResearch.根据独立国家市场研究公司艾瑞咨询的一项调查,摩拜的活跃用户数量估算大约为585万。In January, Mobike entered into a strategic partnership with Foxconn to double its bike manufacturing capacity to over 10 million units a year.今年1月,摩拜单车和富士康公司达成协议战略伙伴关系,以此将自行车的年产量翻番至多达yabo登录1000万台。:yabo登录。